she's writing a novel

a lot of her writing tends to be tongue-in-cheek. this is because she grew up in an evangelical tradition which was more concerned about where else she might be putting her tongue.

Friday, January 13, 2006

2005: blink and you missed it

past year, in sum: -got a job in the city with a publisher. -moved to a cute, ramshackle 1-bedroom in west philly. -adopted a calico cat with big green eyes and an insatiable need to cuddle. named her Matilda. -received my very first gas bill; subsequently shivered through the winter of 2005. -lost illusions of being the next Nigella or Martha; rediscovered my childhood culinary joys - frozen pizza, frozen burritos, and cold cereal. maybe when i have a real kitchen.... -unwittingly answered an internet personal ad -met The Russian -realized that working in publishing does not require writing or thinking. it involved sending files to India and retrieving the files India sends back -gave up Jesus for Lent -missed school terribly -did not read any good books. -saw Star Wars episode 3. -started working out with unnatural regularity. i now run 4 miles a day, 5 days a week, over my lunch hour. -developed abs and a clear complexion -had my car broken into. a few clothes and my gym bag stolen. i was so naive and suburban i don't leave anything in the back seat of my car except a sign that says "steal this, fucker." kidding! i don't want to incite anything. the sign says "Please don't steal this, fucker." -rode the razor's edge of broke with panache. -said NO to drugs -stopped wearing underwear -caught up on the rated R movies from the early nineties that my parent's wouldn't let me watch back then -went to my 5-year class reunion; drank too much, danced a little, passed up an opportunity for a 3way. -got sick with respiratory infections. again and again. -mastered parallel parking -finally got over that terrible habit of picking the dry skin on my hands. they look beautiful now. -enjoyed lazy summer Sundays in Manhattan with the Russian Lover. discovered that i really like new york. -turned 24. -came no closer to discovering my calling in life. resolved that money is not a terrible thing to strive for; resolved to strive for a lot of money. -avoided writing for fear of failure. thought a lot about the things i would write if i was writing. -decided not to renew lease in cute, ramshackle one bedroom; weathered the crazy ranting of lazy slumlord; fled to the Russian lover with Matilda and a suitcase. I am presently waiting for the results of my annual review at the publisher; a promotion and attendant raise are in order. After the results I will consider my prospects for the coming year. In other words, "Should I stay or should I go?" It is probably high time for a career change...already. So...that's the story. Want the juicy details? Get in touch.