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Friday, January 13, 2006

only the strong survive...only the brave wear spandex

The gym was clogged with new year's resolutions today. On a typical weekday or holiday at 1:30 in the afternoon, there won't be more than a half-dozen of us or so. Today, there were dozens and dozens. The line of elliptical macines, usually empty and still, was today a row of flailing limbs. While it's heartwarming and all to see so many people setting out to do something good for themselves, I'm kind of looking forward to, oh, the third week of January. When the resolvers have gone back to their old ways, and there is no one at all on the treadmills next to me, much less a woman reeking of cheap perfume on one side of me and a guy spraying droplets of sweat on the other. But I will say it feels nice to see the expression on the new kid's faces when, after finishing a three mile run at a steady clip, I jump off the treadmill only to climb on the elliptical and set a pace double their's for the next twenty minutes or so. And then do a round of weights. And leave, smiling. Because I used to be the one wheezing after two minutes of jogging, the one soaked in sweat and red in the face after ten minutes of anything.And it's nice to know that, a New Year's two years ago, I decided I needed to make a change for the better. And I have.


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