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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The other campaign banner tells the blind guy to look out for his neighbors

On a Septa bus today, I saw one of those public awareness banners that extols Philadelphians to do something about the violence in our city. It was of course a very politically correct campaign; the people dipicted on the banner represented "diversity." "Diversity," when it is employed thusly, always looks the same: a 30-something white woman, a 50-something white man, a 40-something black man, a 20-something asian female, a hispanic teenager, and the guy in the wheel chair.
But this Ode to All of Us, self-conscious of its "let's include everybody and offend nobody" motif, was trying so hard to be sincere that it was blithely unaware its own irony.

I mean, it just doesn't seem very sensitive to the physically challenged to locate the motto, "Don't Give Up. Stand Up!" right next to the guy in the wheel chair.


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